Jim Misiura's Ribbed Caddis Larva

Fly Tying a Ribbed Caddis Larva with Jim Misiura

Jim Misiura brings us another one of his awesome recipes: a Ribbed Caddis Larva. Don’t miss trying it.


To tie Jim Misiura’s Ribbed Caddis Larva, you need the following:

  • Hook: scud hooks in sizes #12-#18, Jim used Maruto Shrimp & Caddis Fly Hooks c46 in size #14
  • Bead: 3mm Black
  • Weight: .010 Lead Wire
  • Thread: Dark Olive
  • Underbody: Peacock Herl
  • Abdomen: Olive Gimmie Band
  • Thorax: Black Opossum


Maruto curved short shank fly hooks c46
Maruto Curved Short Shank Fly Hooks c46


Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your caddis larva flies or fish caught with this pattern on our Facebook page.


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