Cased Caddis – Fly Tying Hemingway’s Cased Caddis with Jim Misiura

Cased Caddis – Jim Misiura’s Way

Watch this video to see Jim Misiura tying Cased Caddis using Hemingway’s fly tying materials. Thank you Jim for sharing this great video with us.



To tie a Hemingway’s Cased Caddis, Jim Misiura’s way, you need the following:


Tube Body - Caddis Pupa - Tan - Cased Caddis
Tube Body – Caddis Pupa – Tan


  • Nip the front of the Hemingway’s Caddis Pupa tube body.
  • Run the hook through the front.
  • Tie in the tip of the tube body.
  • Come back with tread to one eye length, from the eye of the hook.
  • Tie in the hackle and make 3-4 wraps.
  • Tie it off.
  • Pull the hackle back and wrap the tread in front of it to lock in place.
  • Whip finish it.
  • Put head cement on.
  • Trim the hackle almost flat on the top and little wider on the bottom.

This Cased Caddis fly is great fly that you can make quickly using Hemingway’s Caddis Pupa Tube Body. It can be weighted with lead wire or a bead to bring down this fly to the bottom and then be fished like a nymph.

Try tying this fly yourself! Give us your comments. Share photos of your Cased Caddis or fish caught on this fly on our Facebook page.

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