Fly Tying Demo by Chris Day @ Pine Ridge Fly Fishing Club

Last week, on Wednesday, Feb 11, I was proud to be a special guest at a fly tying demo at the Pine Ridge Fly Fishing Club in Orono, Ontario. Chris Day, an award-winning master fly tyer with almost three decades of fly tying experience has demonstrated his extensive knowledge and skills tying some great flies.

Chris presented Hemingway’s materials, the realistic fly tying collection, and our great dubbing. These are his creations:


Chris Day @ PineRidgeFF Club 1

Stonefly Nymph

Chris Day @ PineRidgeFF Club 2

Dubbed Leech

Chris Day @ PineRidgeFF Club 3
  • Hook:  Mustad 3906B or similar 8-14, a great choice is Maruto i77LS Hooks
  • Thread:  3/0 Thread, color to match dubbing
  • Body: Hemingway’s Starlite, UV or Peacock Dubbing placed in wire dubbing loop. Effective colors: Black, Brown, Olive, Black or White

Great flies! Thanks, Chris for sharing your knowledge! We all learned a lot. This was a great evening. I had an opportunity to meet with club members and share some fly stories. Many thanks to Al, Club’s President, as well as Warwick and Derek for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to introduce Hemingway’s materials.

If you are in Ontario, in the area of Kawartha Lakes or Lake Ontario’s north shore, and not yet their member, make sure to check out Pine Ridge Fly Fishing Club here.

Tight lines,


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