Catgut Caddis Pupa

Fly Tying a Catgut Caddis Pupa

A great fly tying video tutorial coming from Lucian Vasies on how to tie a Catgut Caddis Pupa, a caddis pupa pattern using the Catgut Biothread material – a simple and easy way.

As Lucian explained, a caddis pupa abdomen is shaped like an eggplant, so when wrapping the body thread to form an underbody, it should be applied so it mimics that shape. Next, simply wrap the Catgut material on top and you have a perfect caddis pupa body. Prior to tying, Catgut should be soaked in warm water for few minutes so it get soft, translucent and flexible. The resulting fly is super-effective and very authentic looking – give it a try.


Catgut Biothread - Natural
Catgut Biothread – Natural
Maruto curved short shank fly hooks c46 a
Maruto Curved Short Shank Fly Hooks c46
Hemingway's Thread 6/0 - Gold Yellow
Hemingway’s Thread 6/0 – Gold Yellow
Hemingway's Hare Dubbing - Gray
Hemingway’s Hare Dubbing – Gray

Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your Catgut Caddis Pupa or fish caught with this pattern on our Facebook page.

Happy tying & tight lines!

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