Dark Hemingway Stonefly Nymph

Dark Hemingway Stonefly Nymph – Fly Tying with Jim Misiura

Don’t miss Jim Misiura’s fly tying video tutorial for Dark Hemingway Stonefly Nymph using Hemingway’s realistic fly tying parts. Thanks Jim for sharing this video with us.


To tie Jim Misiura’s Dark Hemingway Stonefly Nymph, you need the following:

Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Nymph Wing Buds & Back
Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Nymph Wing Buds & Back
Realistic Stonefly Nymph Legs
Realistic Stonefly Nymph Legs
Goose Biots - Brown
Goose Biots – Brown
Hemingway's Body Thread - White
Hemingway’s Body Thread – White
Hemingway's Fine Wire 0.2 mm - Black
Hemingway’s Fine Wire 0.2 mm – Black


  • Start wrapping with lead wire .025 just above the point of the hook, about 25 wraps.
  • Secure it with cream colored thread, do several extra wraps in the back, then go back up to the top and tie it off with whip finish.
  • To create an underbody, wrap around with white floss (Jim used 2 strand floss) down and up again, tie it off.
  • With cream colored thread wrap the body up the middle section.
  • Position the legs on top so the front legs are a bit away from the eye. Legs have a little channel at the bottom so it is easier to fit on.
  • Wrap the legs around with thread to the top and then again to the rear.
  • Tie in a fine black wire on the far side and secure it well.
  • Take the abdomen section of the wing buds and tie it by the white tab to the rear of the body. Should be tied so that when the abdomen section is flipped over, the white doesn’t show.
  • Tie the tails on – one goose biot on each side of the body so they are pointing away from the body.
  • Dub on some cream colored dubbing, not too thick, up to the middle of the body (note: the belly on stonefly nymph should always be a bit lighter color than the rest of the body).
  • Fold over the abdomen bud section. The body should be as wide as the abdomen.
  • Add the rib to the belly section by wrapping the wire around tightly. Bring the wire up to the middle pair of legs and thread up to the head.
  • Take the wing bud part and tie it in, using the white tab, at the top behind the head. Bring the thread down to the abdomen.
  • Dub some more dubbing and wrap around the top part of the body up to the head.
  • Fold the wing bud back, grab the wire and wrap it around the top half of the body to create ribs. Bring it up to the head and tie it in.
  • Use a black marker and color the head. If legs are lighter color – ‘dirty them up’ – top and bottom.
  • And you’re done!

Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your Stonefly Nymph or fish caught with this fly on our Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Dark Hemingway Stonefly Nymph – Fly Tying with Jim Misiura”

    1. Hi Frank, thanks for writing. Hemingway’s materials are very good quality and are designed and built so the flies made with them will hold very well in the water, even after many takes. The stonefly legs are made of rubber-like material and are flexible, stretchy, and give out the appearance, movement and feel of real legs. The buds & back parts give you the added realism to the fly. Our customers are very happy with the performance and durability of these products.
      Tight lines, Boris

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