Kevin Hospodar’s Fly Tying for Steelhead: Intruder 4K

This time Kevin Hospodar shared a tutorial on how to tie his Intruder 4K – a great looking steelhead intruder.  Awesome pattern, sure to have big success on the water. Easy-to-follow steps. “A different take on an intruder. Materials with a lot of movement and very little bulk. The shank and some medium eyes with…

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Jim Misiura's Dog Nobbler

Beginner Fly Tying a Dog Nobbler with Jim Misiura

A new addition to the Jim’s collection of beginner fly tying videos – a Dog Nobbler fly. A great recipe, simple steps, well explained in Jim’s usual fashion. This is one great fly, make sure to give it a try. Thanks Jim for sharing. Ingredients To tie Jim Misiura’s Dog Nobbler, you need the following: Hook:…

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Fly Tying a Jock Scott Fly with Jim Misiura

Here we have one beautiful salmon fly pattern coming from Jim Misiura – his Jock Scott Fly. Great looking fly, easy steps to follow. Don’t miss this great fly tying tutorial. Thanks Jim for sharing! Ingredients To tie Jim Misiura’s Jock Scott Fly, you need the following: Hook: Salmon #1 – #12, Jim used Maruto Salmon/Steelhead Wet…

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Jim Misiura's Green Highlander Variation Salmon Fly

Fly Tying a Green Highlander Variation Salmon Fly with Jim Misiura

A great recipe for an Atlantic salmon fly coming from Jim Misiura – his Green Highlander Variation. Easy steps for an interesting fly design. Definitely something to try out. Thanks Jim for sharing with us. Ingredients To tie Jim Misiura’s Green Highlander Variation Salmon Fly, you need the following: Hook: salmon hooks sizes  #1/0 to #8, Jim…

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Jim Misiura's Yellow Ostrich Herl Streamer

Fly Tying a Yellow Ostrich Herl Streamer with Jim Misiura

One more of Jim’s great fly tying video tutorials, this time it is his Yellow Ostrich Herl Streamer. Don’t miss – easy to follow steps and a great fly as a result. Ingredients To tie Jim Misiura’s Yellow Ostrich Herl Streamer, you need the following: Hook: Octopus hooks sizes #1/0 to #4, Jim used Maruto Beak Fly…

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Fly Tying with Corey: Glitter Yarn Leech

New addition to our series – Fly Tying with Corey! Glitter Yarn Leech In this fly tying tutorial, Corey shows us how to tie his Glitter Yarn Leech – a simple pattern, yet quite effective. A great choice for a variety of fish species. This pattern has won Corey a biggest fish prize at the recent 2015…

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