Fly Tying Tutorials

Catgut Caddis Pupa

Fly Tying a Catgut Caddis Pupa

A great fly tying video tutorial coming from Lucian Vasies on how to tie a Catgut Caddis Pupa, a caddis pupa pattern using the Catgut Biothread material – a simple and easy way. As Lucian explained, a caddis pupa abdomen is shaped like an eggplant, so when wrapping the body thread to form an underbody,…

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Fly Fiend’s Magic Midge

The Magic Midge Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

Here is another awesome recipe from Fly Fiend – a Magic Midge fly pattern! Really great fly tying tutorial with easy steps. The resulting fly is super-effective pattern that, we are sure, will be fished a lot. Check it out and make some yourself, these are quick to tie. And, make sure you subscribe to…

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Quill Body Mayfly by Fly Fiend

Quill Body Mayfly Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

One of the flies that stirred up so much attention! This Quill Body Mayfly video recipe by The Fly Fiend is a definite winner! Great looking fly, easy to follow steps. Don’t wait up, try this recipe – we are certain that it will be one of your most effective mayfly patterns. We have some…

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FrostyFly Silicone Body Pupa with Jim Misiura

Fly Tying a FrostyFly Silicone Body Pupa with Jim Misiura

This time Jim shares with us his FrostyFly Silicone Body Pupa video recipe. Steps are in Jim’s usual easy-to-follow style, the ingredients you can find below, all is left is to give it a try – this is one great caddis pupa fly pattern that will provoke some good strikes. By using our ready-made Silicone Caddis…

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FrostyFly Hydropsyche Nymph with Jim Misiura

Fly Tying a FrostyFly Hydropsyche Nymph with Jim Misiura

Here is a great recipe for a hydropsyche nymph pattern using our Weighted Hydropsyche Larva Bodies with Hooks. It is an easy-to-follow series of steps, in Jim’s usual style, and it shows how these handy bodies can be used to make some super-effective flies. Very simple recipe and great results. Thanks Jim for sharing! Ingredients: Hook/Body:…

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Corey's Rusty Spinner

Fly Tying with Corey: Rusty Spinner

Our next fly tying tutorial is for Corey’s Rusty Spinner pattern – an interesting, quick, easy and durable fly that imitates a rusty spinner, tied using Hemingway’s realistic fly tying materials. Ingredients: Hook: Size 12 Maruto Dry Fly D31SSC Hooks Thread: 6/0 Danvilles Waxed Thread – Olive Tail: Brown Saddle Hackle Body: Hemingway’s Synthetic Peacock…

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Opal Spider

Fly Tying with Corey: Opal Spider

From Corey’s QEE series comes our next video fly tying tutorial: Corey’s take on tying the Opal Spider pattern – a simple and flashy soft hackle or spider fly. This wet fly is just as effective as it is easy to tie. Fished on a tight light, swung through the current, or dead drifted, this…

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Semi-Realistic Stonefly Nymph

Fly Tying with Corey: Semi-Realistic Stonefly Nymph

The next great recipe from Corey Cabral, Frosty Fly Pro Staff – his Semi-Realistic Stonefly Nymph. This pattern imitates large dark stonefly nymphs that frequent the waters of a lot of Lake Ontario tributaries. Ingredients: Hook: Size 6 Hemingway’s H118 Dry Fly & Curved Nymph Fly Hooks Thread: 8/0 Uni in black color Weight: Lead…

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Frenchie Nymph

Fly Tying with Corey: Frenchie Nymph

From Corey’s QEE series comes our next tutorial: how to tie the well-known Frenchie Nymph pattern. This is a quick and effective pattern tied and fished by anglers and competitive fly fisherman and women from all over the globe. It can easily be adapted to suit different needs by changing the composition of the bead,…

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Bob's Hellgrammite Larva

Bob Anderson’s Awesome Hellgrammite Larva

Some time ago, we got a photo of an awesomely tied hellgrammite larva from Bob Anderson, one of our customers. It turned out to be that Bob is a fly tier with decades of experience and some super tying skills. He used this pattern very successfully with trout as well as bass. For his good-looking hellgrammite…

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