Fly Tying Tutorials

Pheasant Tail Catgut Nymph

Kevin Hospodar’s Fly Tying for Trout: Pheasant Tail Catgut Nymph

Kevin Hospodar just shared a great, new, fly tying tutorial. Here, he shows us how to tie a Pheasant Tail Catgut Nymph pattern. The steps are easy-to-follow. “The pheasant tail nymph is probably the most (or top 3) most popular nymphs in fly fishing. It is simple, effective, and mimics a wide range of trout…

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Blue Quill

Beginner Fly Tying a Blue Quill with Jim Misiura

One more in a series of beginner fly tying videos by Jim Misiura, this one is for a dry pattern – Blue Quill. Super-easy to follow in Jim’s usual style, the resulting fly is great looking and will sure be a winner comes summer time. Ingredients: Hook: standard dry #12 – #18 (Maruto D31SSC) Thread:…

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GSS Peacock Pheasant Tail

Fly Tying a GSS Peacock Pheasant Tail with Jim Misiura

Here is an interesting new pattern from Jim Misiura – a GSS Peacock Pheasant Tail. Great fly, simple steps – give it a try. Ingredients: Hook: 2xl Nymph #12-#18 (Hemingway’s HC114 Hooks) Bead: 3mm Tungsten (match hook size) Thread: Black/Green (Hemingway’s Thread 3/0 or Hemingway’s 6/0 in Green) Rib: Extra Fine Green Wire Tail/Abdomen: Black Green Pheasant…

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Iron Blue Dun

Beginner Fly Tying an Iron Blue Dun with Jim Misiura

Jim Misiura brings us one more beginner fly tying video tutorial – this time for an Iron Blue Dun pattern. In Jim’s easy-to-follow style, steps are simple and the result is a great mayfly dun fly. Give it a try! Ingredients: Hook: standard dry #12 – #18 (Maruto D31SSC) Thread: grey (Veevus 16/0 in Grey)…

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Fly Tying a Synthetic Quill Green Drake with Jim Misiura

Here is a great video tutorial recipe by Jim Misiura for tying a Synthetic Quill Green Drake. Awesome fly pattern, Jim’s easy-follow steps – give it a try. Ingredients: Hook: Curved #10 – #14 (try Hemingway’s H118 hooks) Weight: .020 Lead Free Wire Thread: Dark Olive (try Veevus 6/0, color Olive) Tail: Woodduck Flank (try Mallard Barred…

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Green Drake Mayfly by Kevin Hospodar

Kevin Hospodar’s Fly Tying for Trout: Green Drake Mayfly

Great new video from Kevin Hospodar! He shows us how to tie Green Drake Mayfly pattern, easy and simple-to-follow steps: “This is an extremely effective, semi-realistic, Green Drake pattern. With the use of very few materials, this is an extremely easy fly to tie. While some people may prefer to create their own extended bodies…

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Combat Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

Quite an interesting recipe from Fly Fiend – a Combat Stonefly nymph pattern. This is your must-have steelhead pattern with a bigger profile that will trigger more bites, even in high and murky waters. It is a quick to tie recipe and the tutorial is easy to follow. Try it out, tie some, you won’t…

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Indicator Mayfly

Indicator Mayfly Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

Fly Fiend brings us another great recipe – this time for an Indicator Mayfly pattern – a must-have dry dropper fly pattern. It is an easy to follow fly tying tutorial. Try it out, tie some, try different color combos – they fish great. And, make sure you subscribe to Fly Fiend’s YouTube channel. It…

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Catgut Caddis Pupa

Fly Tying a Catgut Caddis Pupa

A great fly tying video tutorial coming from Lucian Vasies on how to tie a Catgut Caddis Pupa, a caddis pupa pattern using the Catgut Biothread material – a simple and easy way. As Lucian explained, a caddis pupa abdomen is shaped like an eggplant, so when wrapping the body thread to form an underbody,…

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