Fly Talk

Realistic Flies vs. Traditional Flies

Fly Talk: Fishing Realistic Flies vs. Traditional Flies

As a fly fisherman and a fly tier, tying artificial flies that look as close as possible to aquatic insects, was always a challenge to me. However, no matter how much one succeeds in imitating them, the questions many would ask is: “Are realistic flies more effective than traditional?” Most fly fisherman come to a…

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A Fly Fisherman or an Angler

Fly Talk: Graduating to an Angler

I try to be generous with my younger self as I recall my early days fly fishing. Not only because my internal size chart was skewed, typically by half-a-palm, but because I related a great fish directly to a long fight. One of the first questions that accompanied a big fish photo was an ecstatic…

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Daniel Parsons - Fly Guide

Fly Talk: An Angler’s Accent

Fly fishing as a culture tears us from the mundane. I crave the return of my boots to a river bottom like a chain smoker craves that familiar smoke break. Our everyday life is haunted by the tug of a trout and the security of pine painted canyons. Well, haunted doesn’t seem to fit, but…

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Streamer Flies and Why Fish Strike at Them

Fly Talk: Streamer Flies and Why Fish Strike at Them

by Dimitri Ristic   Almost 100 years ago, during 1920s, the streamer fly became a very popular fly in the northeastern parts of the US and Canada. Why streamer flies attract fish to strike at them would be a logical question. If we look at all streamers we can divide them into two very different classes.…

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Fly Talk: Tips and Techniques for Better Streamer Fishing

by Dimitri Ristic   I met Boris for a coffee and a friendly talk, as we sometimes do. Boris is much younger than me, but fly fishermen don’t choose companions by age. Somehow, conversation was fishing streamers and I mentioned a muddler pattern. In my fly box, one whole side is just muddler patterns and…

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Fly Talk: Getting Ready for Spring Fly Fishing

by Corey Cabral   Here in South Western Ontario Dec 31st is the last day of the season for pursuing Steelhead (Rainbow Trout) on most of the tributaries of the Great Lakes. This signals the end of another year of creating memories with friends on the water. At this point the options for getting your…

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