Top 10 Fly Fishing Gifts - Your Guide to Gifting an Angler

Top 10 Fly Fishing Gifts

Your Guide to Gifting an Angler   Buying a gift for a fly fisher can be tough. There is a technical aspect of this challenge – being familiar with the right gear for their specific fly fishing technique and style. In addition, picking a perfect gift that matches their unique taste can add to the…

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Renomed Scissors – Cut out to be timeless - Fly Tying Gifts

Top 10 Fly Tying Gifts

Your Guide to Gifting a Fly Tyer Many fly fishers like to tie their own flies. They take special pride in catching a fish with a fly they tied themselves. Tying flies is an art, often called a functional art form. Whatever the case, it is definitely a very impressive skill for which you need…

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Organize Your Fly Station Simple Hacks to Tie Better

Organize Your Fly Station: Simple Hacks to Tie Better

They say that nothing good comes easy – this is definitely true in the world of fly tying. Even a simple pattern, without the right skill set and techniques, can turn into a disaster in a hurry. Countless hours combined with trial and error at the vice is the only way to master the craft…

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Ethan - Fly Fishing with a Baby in Tow

Fly Fishing with a Baby in Tow

Finding time to hit the stream and throw some casts (and try out that new pricey rod you just got) is becoming a real challenge in today’s way of living. Finding time to fish when you become a parent of a new, tiny baby for many of us sounds like mission impossible. Or, at the…

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Realistic Flies vs. Traditional Flies

Fly Talk: Fishing Realistic Flies vs. Traditional Flies

As a fly fisherman and a fly tier, tying artificial flies that look as close as possible to aquatic insects, was always a challenge to me. However, no matter how much one succeeds in imitating them, the questions many would ask is: “Are realistic flies more effective than traditional?” Most fly fisherman come to a…

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A Fly Fisherman or an Angler

Fly Talk: Graduating to an Angler

I try to be generous with my younger self as I recall my early days fly fishing. Not only because my internal size chart was skewed, typically by half-a-palm, but because I related a great fish directly to a long fight. One of the first questions that accompanied a big fish photo was an ecstatic…

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Daniel Parsons - Fly Guide

Fly Talk: An Angler’s Accent

Fly fishing as a culture tears us from the mundane. I crave the return of my boots to a river bottom like a chain smoker craves that familiar smoke break. Our everyday life is haunted by the tug of a trout and the security of pine painted canyons. Well, haunted doesn’t seem to fit, but…

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Streamer Flies and Why Fish Strike at Them

Fly Talk: Streamer Flies and Why Fish Strike at Them

by Dimitri Ristic   Almost 100 years ago, during 1920s, the streamer fly became a very popular fly in the northeastern parts of the US and Canada. Why streamer flies attract fish to strike at them would be a logical question. If we look at all streamers we can divide them into two very different classes.…

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