Beginner Fly Tying a Hemingway’s Black Mayfly Nymph with Jim Misiura

Beginner Fly Tying a Hemingway’s Black Mayfly Nymph with Jim Misiura

One more of Jim’s beginner fly tying videos. Great video, easy-to-follow steps. Thanks Jim for sharing this with us.



To tie Jim Misiura’s Hemingway Black Mayfly Nymph, you need the following:

Mayfly Nymph Bodies

Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Nymph Bodies

Hemingway's Realistic MayflyNymph Legs

Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Nymph Legs

Dubbing - Hare - Black

Hemingway’s Dubbing – Hare – Black


  • Start by putting a lead wire.
  • Secure the lead wraps using black thread and bring the base of thread back to the tail.
  • Tie Hemingway’s Body with Tails in, right at the back of the lead wire.
  • Bring tread up front.
  • Tie Hemingway’s Mayfly Legs in by the tab right behind the eye.
  • Bring the tread back.
  • Put black Hemingway’s Hare dubbing in there to fill the gap.
  • Start wrapping dubbing.
  • Fold over wing bud.
  • Wrap the tread between 2nd and 3rd pairs of legs.
  • Tie and finish off the head.
  • Put some head cement.
  • Done.

Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your Mayfly Nymph or fish caught with this fly on our Facebook page.

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