About us

What are we about?

We are an online retailer and wholesaler specializing in fly fishing and fly tying products. Our mission is to offer innovative and fine quality goods, topped off by exceptional service.

We are a small, proudly family owned and managed business, driven by our passion for fly fishing, our love of rivers, streams, quietness of the wilderness and solitude of those magic moments ‘out there’. We provide our customers with quality products that we fish with, inventive materials we tie our flies with and value and service we expect when we shop. That's our whole philosophy. Nothing less.

Our products

Our product selection has been carefully selected. Frosty Fly is all about inventive stuff, premium quality, but also practical, easy and fun to use. Fly tying materials that enable more options, more creativity and greater and more realistic results. We take quality very seriously. We test all our products, we use them ourselves. If we are not happy with their quality and performance, we're not offering them to you.

All these are reasons why we became an exclusive Canadian importer and distributor of Hemingway’s Fly Fishing Products. Hemingway's is one of the finest European producers of fly fishing goods, with many years of experience in this field. Made in Europe, first quality and designed and made by fly fishermen. Famous for their superb dubbing, handcrafted landing nets, handwoven furled leaders and especially their realistic fly tying parts – really unique stuff that makes most realistic, but also highly effective, very durable & fishable flies. We tried it all - and these products rock!

You can check out Hemingway's website here.

Our customers

We value what is best for our customers. Our retail customers and our business partners - dealers. Our goal is to not just meet, but exceed your expectations. To form long-term relationships based on trust and respect. Our approach is simple - we provide the value and service we like to receive.

To see in detail what we offer to our dealers, please go to our Dealer Program page.

How it all started?

Frosty Fly story began long time ago - when Boris, the founder, then just a small kid, discovered the magic of fishing. Some years later he fell in love with fly fishing. Out of this love, in 2013, Frosty Fly was born. This company is a result of passion for fly fishing and a need to share this excitement and joy with the world.

Our team


Boris Cetkovic, the founder, fly fishing addict, and the Chief. In charge of it all. Managing director, involved in every aspect of running Frosty, from planning & growth, working with dealers and suppliers, to stock management and customer service. And, as part of research and development, occasionally tuned out somewhere by the river or by his vise.


Snjeza in action

Snjezana Cetkovic, co-founder, the second big wheel and Frosty's creative director. In charge of all things marketing, advertising, design, but also, less artistic duties - accounting, number crunching, budgeting, office admin, and all tasks in between. Photography enthusiast, in love with nature.



Tamara Zuk, Enollo master, our tech guru, in charge of all and everything web. The backbone of Frosty, making sure all is running smoothly and constantly evolving, most updated, with latest and greatest gadgets. Web virtuoso, Frosty's administrator, web designer and round-the-clock web developer. The one without whom Frosty would not be. The one with infinite patience for all our small and big, brilliant and silly requests and wishes.


Where to find us?

We are an online fly shop with worldwide shipping and have no brick-and-mortar store. We encourage you to find our products locally at our dealers' stores. For a list of stores carrying our stuff, click here. If you do not see one close to you, ask your local fly shop to stock Frosty Fly products.

Contact us

We want to hear from you. Whether you want to receive further information, ask a question, have thoughts on how we can improve or innovate, or, to give us your feedback - good or not-so-good - we would love to hear from you. Your insights are important to us as we want to continually improve.

Drop us an email at contact@frostyfly.com or simply send us a message by filling out the form on our Contact page. Please note that we are an online fly shop and have no brick-and-mortar store.

Thank you in advance for your feedback. We are listening.


If you are a fly shop and interested in what we offer to our dealers, please go to our Dealer Program page.

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