Best Fly FIshing Gifts - 2023 Gift Guide

10 Best Fly Fishing Gifts: Your 2023 Gift Guide

Perfect Gifts for a Fly Fisher

Introducing our latest guide for discovering the ideal gifts for the avid fly fisher in your life, or perhaps a few treats for yourself. Our selection includes the finest, most practical, thoughtful, and innovative gifts we've handpicked – the kind of gifts we'd be thrilled to receive. Read on for the best fly fishing gifts of 2023.

A first on our list and a truly great gift idea for any angler are the awesome Backcountry Skinz Neoprene pants. Skinz pants have revolutionized the wading industry by combining versatility, comfort, durability, and affordability. These lightweight and compressed pants are wader alternatives, designed for wet-wading fans and lightweight anglers. A perfect choice for those who value lightness and flexibility over bulky, leaky waders or flimsy dry pants. They are remarkably versatile, great for all weather conditions, warm to cool. A unique compression fit provides maximum support and ease of movement while regulating leg temperature for comfort in any water temperature. They provide unbeatable protection against bushes, bugs, and rocks. Choose from an all-weather 2.0 model, ideal for active individuals who tend to feel colder while outdoors, or a thinner, lighter 1.0 version, perfect for warmer conditions. Both models can also be used as a base layer under waders. They will provide warmth without adding the extra bulk while being super-comfortable. Besides wading/wet wading, these awesome pants are great for other outdoor activities - kayak/SUP fishing, hiking/backpacking, watercraft, windsurfing, and water sports. And, did we mention, these are unisex?

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For a modern angler, look no further than this practical Mag Book fly box. It has an interior lined with strong magnetic rubber to securely hold all their flies in place - no shifting or getting tangled. The flies are not only protected but also conveniently organized for quick and seamless use. Slim and compact, this box is quite spacious and it offers ample space to accommodate a large fly collection. Fully waterproof and shockproof, it safeguards the flies from moisture, impacts, and accidental drops, ensuring they remain in perfect shape. The adjustable nylon loop handle adds to its portability. It can be used as is or with Lid Rig's innovative Docks.


Looking for a gift for a nymphing fanatic? We have you covered. The awesome YOTO Nymph is a compact powerhouse that will take any angling game up a notch! This semi-automatic fly reel was designed explicitly for modern nymphing. It has an impressive line retrieve capacity – a single pull on the reel’s lever spools up approximately 2 meters of line! A durable ceramic line guide, embedded directly in the reel frame optimizes the retrieval of the monofilament line, ensuring smooth line sliding and eliminating abrasion. Includes a super-convenient reel handle - a great feature when using thin mono lines or when fighting a large fish. Anodized in an elegant metallic anthracite finish that provides increased resistance to corrosion. A reel with unparalleled performance and functionality.


A perfect stocking stuffer for any fly fisher - a pair of great quality waterproof socks. These from Backcountry Skinz’ truly impressed us! They are a perfect synergy of rugged protection and cozy comfort. Designed to keep your feet dry and warm in any condition. They are built with an innovative inner waterproof membrane that blocks water. No more worrying about soaked feet. The merino wool layer keeps feet warm and dry in the coldest of temperatures. Breathable and sweat-wicking, with a 4-way stretch and seamless construction. Perfect for water crossings, leaky waders, rain, puddles, snow, and mud. One of the items on our fishing essentials list.


Whether you’re buying for a seasoned angler or a beginner, the Mag Band is a game-changer. This innovative magnetic wristband keeps the flies and small essentials within easy reach. Crazy strong rare-earth magnets and a durable silicone slap band keep everything securely in place. Super-versatile: easily wraps around boat rails, backpacks, bags, etc. Changing flies becomes a breeze. And we all know how important this is for any angler.


A definite must-have on-stream gear for any fly fisher! This super-convenient organizer holds practically everything an angler needs for a day of fishing, including two dozen flies, eight tippet spools, and two dropper rigs. It easily attaches, vertically or horizontally, to waders, packs, or even the shirt pocket! It provides quick and easy access, so swapping flies, or reaching for a tool is a matter of seconds. You can even get additional interchangeable fly holders for swapping out different sets of flies. When it comes to brilliant gift ideas for a fly fisher, a Fly Trap is really a no-brainer - you simply can't go wrong with one of these.


Here is an original and super-useful gift for any fly fisher, especially those having a bit of a struggle with close-up tasks. This awesome gadget, with its 3X precision lens, provides super-clear vision, even for the tiniest details. No need for bifocals or weird-looking magnifying gimmicks. It easily clips on anywhere: chest pack straps, wader straps, sling packs, hats... A truly great tool to have on the river. Helps with tying on small flies, threading a tippet through an eye of the hook, inspecting the insects and so much more. It rotates 90°,  swivels 360°, and locks out of the way when not in use for maximum versatility. This great tool even comes with a bonus magnet for the “on deck” flies. Bottom line, MagniFly is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to magnifying fly fishing tools.


What better gift for an angler than a t-shirt with some mean-looking flies. Check out our exclusive collection of unique fly fishing tees. All feature prints of original artwork by Palamar, the artist’s portrayal of our most favored flies. Excellent quality tees, super soft, 100% cotton, light fabric, amazingly comfortable. A range of designs and colors to choose from. Original, unique, and one-of-a-kind gifts.


Here is the ultimate gift for any fly fisher. Soldarini's Precision Sensytip XUL is a truly exceptional piece of equipment. This rod comes with two interchangeable tip sections to accommodate different fishing scenarios – it’s like getting two rods in one! It provides unrivaled sensitivity, maximum feel while fishing, and absolute control over the drift of the nymphs. It enables fishing with the thinnest tippets and extremely small nymphs.

Perfectly balanced, and superbly made, it is designed for sensitive fishing for trout, grayling, and other species. The medium-fast, lightweight, and very slim blank has a discreet matt black finish. The handpiece comes decorated with two length markings which allow for a quick and easy estimate of the size of the fish caught.

Need we say more?


When buying a gift for a fly fisher, you can never go wrong with a set of awesome fly fishing flies. And, we are the place to find the most innovative on the market. Our realistic fly fishing flies are world-known and favored by top anglers. We don't need to tell you that they look so amazingly authentic. We will tell you that these are real high-quality flies, tied with the best materials. What's most important, these little bad boys are deadly. Fish absolutely love them. Even the most finicky ones :). And that means more strikes, all resulting in many happy anglers. Hard to find a better gift.

Let's help you with your quest. Our most popular sets and best-selling ones are Stonefly Nymph Selection for nymphing fly fishing techniques (naturally), and Mayfly Selection, and Hopper Selection, both for dry fly fishing. Get either set or get them all, you can't go wrong, they are all definite winners.


If ever in doubt, and not sure what to get, FrostyFly Gift Card always makes an amazing gift. They are a great way to give the gift of choice and ensure you get it right. They are a guaranteed people-pleaser that will never expire or lose value. Our gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Five denominations to choose from.

We hope we've helped you in your quest for the best fly fishing gift. If you have any questions about our suggestions above, or you need more information, we are here to help, anytime. 

Tight lines and happy shopping!

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